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What do kids need?

Every kids' needs differ greatly from moment to moment and year to year. As a foster dad, I find it useful to constantly be scanning each moment for any needs that may be present. I find that when I am dealing with kids that are in care they often need to feel heard and understood.… Continue reading What do kids need?

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From A Child’s Perspective

I remember when my oldest son was in the first grade, there was this girl in his class - We'll call her Suzy Snodgrass. Suzy was the poster child for a bully. At that time my wife and I were young parents, and like most parents would be, I was annoyed by the stories that… Continue reading From A Child’s Perspective

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What Good Can I Really Do?

What good can I really do? The State is going to give these kids back to their parents anyway. So why even waste our time and emotional well-being getting attached. Does this sound like something others or you have said to yourself? It's a valid question. And, any parent is going looking out for the… Continue reading What Good Can I Really Do?

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What Will Everyone Think???

Over the years that we have many many questions from friends, family and strangers. Why would you want to do that? Don't you make a lot of money for fostering? Is he black? What did the parents do? Is she a drug baby? What if ...? There are a million questions that will be asked… Continue reading What Will Everyone Think???

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The Grief of saying Goodbye

"I couldn't do it, I'd get too attached." Sound familiar?  Then you must be either a foster parent or someone who has thought about joining the club of foster parents. It is probably the most common reason why people who would be great foster families decide not to do it. The simple truth is, you… Continue reading The Grief of saying Goodbye

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Parents of teens need to check this out!

This story by Josh Ship is a must-hear for any parent of teens or preteens or kids that will be getting there soon. The Good Dad Project is an amazing force for parents, and especially dads. Check out the link!

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“A”‘s Story – The sweetest little boy I ever met.

The Beginning The phone rang and Ms Foster said "Jason?" I replied in the affirmative. "This is Ms Foster, I need a placement for a sibling group of 2. A brother and sister that need immediate placement. Are you available for an immediate placement?' Again I responded in the affirmative. "Ok, I will see you… Continue reading “A”‘s Story – The sweetest little boy I ever met.

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Getting your foster license is not scary!

Many potential foster families are daunted by the process of becoming a licensed foster home. The process is nowhere near as scary as it may seem. We went through our training process back in 2006. We had classes to attend, background checks and a home study.  We were the most nervous about the home study.… Continue reading Getting your foster license is not scary!